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Treasures from Treasure Hunts

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There are 2 really good treasure hunts going on at the moment - One at Sin Skins and one at Little Heaven. I've already posted where you can find all the items that make up the "Angel Armour" but here is me wearing it.

[you can click on my pictures twice to enlarge them]

In addition I found out that the "Pearl Hunt" is still going at Sin Skins and this is a really easy one. There are 12 pearls scattered around the sim - I won't say hidden because they aren't really.

There 10 pearls in the individual rooms and it only takes a minute or two to pick up all 10.

Then there is one in the exact centre of the sim and one more under a tree - the only one that you have to look for. It's at 168 210 48

There are several skins in the pearls - all high quality ones that are worth having, and while you are there you can also pick up a free set of "chromabrows" - coloured eyebrows to match your hair and the 6 shapes that they base all their skins on for free as well.

It's funny but what one person on Second_Lifers described as "a funny coloured skin" was to me the highlight prize. It's a red and black skin from their "Etheria" range of fantasy skins and since Dunan and I already wear several from this range like blue & aqua, brown & gold, the chance to get another one for free was the highlight for me.

This was perfect for a mermaid skin! I should mention that I added a pair of faery wings from Sevens Selections tinted red to match. I think it works really well and adds a real "lionfish" look.

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