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Second Life Community Section Updates

Linden Lab is currently redoing the Second Life Community sections completely (Blogs, Forums, etc..). Those areas are offline right now. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. An overhaul of those features is long overdue. I hope they construct a good user-friendly and interactive forum/blog system and then begin the work on the Destination Guide and other neglected featured sections too.

I know many people are waiting (holding off re-joining or joining) until the emergence of Linden Lab's new virtual world, Sansar (sometimes grudgingly called by some SL II), but Second Life is still active, is still a going concern, and is larger grid-wise than ever. To be honest, it is probably too big for it's own good. *chuckle*

I admit that I will be checking out Project Sansar when it opens, but I do not believe that I will ever stop using Second Life. Time will tell. For me, SL is still a great place.

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Me August 2020

The Passing of 2 MMO Sims

Originally posted by mweatherwax at The Passing of 2 MMO Sims
Alas, Venexia is no more. Goatswood will go away on June 19th, 2015. Venexia opened in 2011 and was a Venice-like city. Goatswood opened in 2012 and was a Victorian-era rural town. Both were stunningly beautiful builds with strong attention to detail and design by creators Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka. While beautiful to explore, the primary function and mission of these builds was role-playing.

Unfortunately, these Sims had experienced a steady decline in players and visitors over the last year. The tier fees, the diminishing number of players, it all adds up. So the owners had to make a hard decision and decided to close their doors.

Let's give one last look to two of the most beautiful builds in Second Life.

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Me and my Dragon

AO search

I'm trying to find a good AO for my husband. Most male Ao's seem to violent or macho for what he wants. He's an Fur, like me. Only a dragon in stead of a cat, with Indiana Jones tendencies. There is sadly not an Indy AO on the Marketplace.

Any suggestions?

Letting my LJ Journal Go To Sleep

Just wanted to let any interested parties know that I've bought my own domain at and am blogging via WordPress over there these days. I find myself less and less inclined to log into LJ these days (and it seems when I do, I always pick the day the system is down). The Second Lifers community here has dwindled to a gasp, as well.

Feel free to follow me at my site, if you are so inclined! And LJ, thanks for all the fish. It was fun while it was fun!

For the moment, my 'real' person keeps her LJ, but since my avatar-feelings are based in hers, she may be making a similar announcement down the road.
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Has anyone had experience with these "Meeroos" I am seeing all over the grid? I joined a couple of groups advertising them and I swear, it's like a layer of hell reserved for used car salesmen!
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Second Life

Overreaction much?

So, my other self rented a parcel on Xandia. It seemed nice enough, and I was just looking for a change.

My avatars tend to rent long-term, usually close to or over a year, so I wanted something where it was inexpensive, but not going to have to deal with a lot of club traffic. Xandia seemed decent.

I should have known there would be issues when, seconds after I "bought" the land, the sim owner teleported me to another parcel to ask me if I knew why she couldn't sell them.

Um... okay. We discussed a few ways she could increase traffic and market the sim.

She friended me.

5 minutes later, she unfriended me.

I went along my merry way and just used the place as a home base, to mostly relax and listen to music as I did things in First Life.

Well, last night, someone dropped a megaprim on the sim. Annoying, sure, but not the end of digital life as we know it.

I thought I was polite. It's been my experience that it is polite to give the sim owner a chance to deal with non-emergency abuse like this. Mostly because this way, they can then handle the situation and ban if necessary. At least that is how I handled it when I owned sims, and what other sim owners of places I have lived have requested.

Nothing was in the covenant about dealing with griefers.

So, I sent a message: Good evening - if you have a moment, it seems someone decided to play with prims and dropped a mega prim on Xandia.

That's it. Nothing else.

This morning, I found emails from missed messages. Since I won't violate TOS, I cannot post them here, but I was told she was not my slave (!?!?) and just ripped into me for sending her anything at all about the megaprim.

My lindens were not refunded, but I was booted out and my items returned to me.

It was one of those "huh" moments. This was the only interaction I'd had with her outside of the day I rented the place.

So, just a warning, I guess, if you are looking at properties. Xandia (Fake Estate Group) is a nice property if you don't say a word to the owner!

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