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The Passing of 2 MMO Sims

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Alas, Venexia is no more. Goatswood will go away on June 19th, 2015. Venexia opened in 2011 and was a Venice-like city. Goatswood opened in 2012 and was a Victorian-era rural town. Both were stunningly beautiful builds with strong attention to detail and design by creators Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka. While beautiful to explore, the primary function and mission of these builds was role-playing.

Unfortunately, these Sims had experienced a steady decline in players and visitors over the last year. The tier fees, the diminishing number of players, it all adds up. So the owners had to make a hard decision and decided to close their doors.

Let's give one last look to two of the most beautiful builds in Second Life.



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Beautiful places. It's sad to see them go.
It really is. There are still a lot of wonderful builds in SL, but I worry that most of them will disappear before too long. :/
That's really the tragedy with the way SL's economic model stacks up - such wonderful creations are possible, but the costs are both hefty and born primarily by the creators. The Lab does seem to realise this, with the apparent intent to spread the financial load around a bit more with Sansara - if they can pull it off, and let places like this thrive without their creators either spending $300/mo (or filling the place with stores and/or accommodation), we could be in for a renaissance of creativity of this kind.
I am waiting to see. I will be one the last people on SL (God willing) when the final push comes to shove. I will look at the new world and decide if it is worth going over to. I am not sure what, if anything I will do, yet.
The pictures are beautiful, too bad I didn't know the sims, I think I would have liked them. I know how hard it is to build a sim and keep it up, since I own a asian/fantasy/steampunk roleplay sim with friends.