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Overreaction much?

So, my other self rented a parcel on Xandia. It seemed nice enough, and I was just looking for a change.

My avatars tend to rent long-term, usually close to or over a year, so I wanted something where it was inexpensive, but not going to have to deal with a lot of club traffic. Xandia seemed decent.

I should have known there would be issues when, seconds after I "bought" the land, the sim owner teleported me to another parcel to ask me if I knew why she couldn't sell them.

Um... okay. We discussed a few ways she could increase traffic and market the sim.

She friended me.

5 minutes later, she unfriended me.

I went along my merry way and just used the place as a home base, to mostly relax and listen to music as I did things in First Life.

Well, last night, someone dropped a megaprim on the sim. Annoying, sure, but not the end of digital life as we know it.

I thought I was polite. It's been my experience that it is polite to give the sim owner a chance to deal with non-emergency abuse like this. Mostly because this way, they can then handle the situation and ban if necessary. At least that is how I handled it when I owned sims, and what other sim owners of places I have lived have requested.

Nothing was in the covenant about dealing with griefers.

So, I sent a message: Good evening - if you have a moment, it seems someone decided to play with prims and dropped a mega prim on Xandia.

That's it. Nothing else.

This morning, I found emails from missed messages. Since I won't violate TOS, I cannot post them here, but I was told she was not my slave (!?!?) and just ripped into me for sending her anything at all about the megaprim.

My lindens were not refunded, but I was booted out and my items returned to me.

It was one of those "huh" moments. This was the only interaction I'd had with her outside of the day I rented the place.

So, just a warning, I guess, if you are looking at properties. Xandia (Fake Estate Group) is a nice property if you don't say a word to the owner!

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